Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why Lisa wants to go on the expedition

Unlike Chris this will be my first time to the Gambia, and as such I am travelling with an open mind and with even more wide open eyes. On the whole I found to my surprise, West Africa is a very poorly studied country with regard to its flora and fauna and as such falls well behind its eastern and southern counterparts. The Gambia, which is the smallest country in West Africa, is very rich in biodiversity, however very little is known about it. The sense of genuinely venturing into the unknown with this type of expedition is becoming an increasingly rare experience and as such fills me with a huge adrenalin rush of excitement, and I am looking forward to it immensely

There are many points of interest for me on this expedition, but one of the main ones is, how the Ninki-nanka is perceived by the locals in their culture and belief systems, and hopefully we will be able to clarify/establish weather this alleged 30ft creature is genuine of flesh and blood, or are its origins more spiritually based? Is there any connection with other creatures that have been sighted in other parts of Africa?As you can see the questions and debate surrrounding this topic are endless.

Either way you just can’t beat the feeling of the possibility of documenting recently previously unheard accounts of mysterious creatures roaming around the mangrove swamps of the Gambia!!

I am not the sort of person to sit in comfort and postulate over these notions and theories, “I’m a get up and get out there, see for yourself kinda girl”, and with the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the team I am sure its going to be ‘one memorable expedition of adventure!’


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