Tuesday, July 04, 2006

First Contact

Earlier this evening on my blog I wrote:

"It is always a weird feeling being the bloke left behind during an expedition. This is my fourth year running doing this (OK, during most of the 2004 expedition I was off on a foreign trip of my own, but that is another story). I find myself sitting at the computer in my study, The Pogues blaring out of the hi fi, and me chainsmoking like an expectant father in a bad TV sitcom from about forty years ago. Yesterday both Chris Clark and Chris Moiser telephoned. Chris was already at Gatwick, and they both expressed their hopes for the success of this expedition. The rest of the gang left Exeter on the night train in the wee small hours, and they left the UK at nine this morning.Eight hours later and they should be in the dark continent by now, and I am pressing the `send and receive` button on Outlook Express ever few minutes hoping to receive the first email dispatch.Watch this space (I'm just about to have another cigarette)"

I have been sitting here all evening chainsmoking and getting progressively more nervous. However, we have now heard from the team - a brief text-message to say that they have arrived safely.

Lisa writes: "Not done a great deal today, but checking bungalow beach out tomorrow. The humidity is crazy".

They have already seen a lot of the local wildlife, including red headed agamas, five lined skinks and fiddler crabs. However, they are all exhausted from their journey and have taken a very early night. We expect more news on the morrow.

I can now stop smoking and go to bed.


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