Monday, July 17, 2006

A quick note from Chris Moiser

Hi, mega probs in getting reports off to you today. Ollie is currently on the other machine here doing it now.Went to the Gambian Daily observer today and gave our story to the security man, the editor, and a reporter. The reporter we found out to be the agricultural correspondent. It all was treated with much more interest when the senior reporter came in and asked if we had heard about the report on the BBC about Ninki nanka. We then pointed to Richard and said it was him.We were then taken to a nearby internet cafe with a memory stick so that we could donwload the CFZ site report for them. We ended up paying for the internet cafe! and then back to the observer office for a photograph. We had the photograph done on the balcony there, under a mango tree. I pointed out to the reporter that Lisa loves mangos, so the reporter picked her one! As the Agriculture correspondent I believe that it was a good mango!We may be in tomorrows paper which we will try and get before we get taken to the airport. If not it may be under Gambia on There is also a Gambia Daily Observer website, but I do not know its address.

Chris. M.


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