Thursday, July 06, 2006

The kids of Woolsery support our brave boys (and girls) overseas...

Ross (back) and Greg display their pictures

Forgive the headline, but although Graham tells me that it is questionable taste, it seems apt, and at least Neil Young is not going to be forced into writing an album of protest songs about this foreign escapade! (And a bloody good album it is, by the way).

The old days where the CFZ were popularly perceived as a bunch of slightly strange middle-aged blokes with beards are long gone. We are fast becomming a truly community based organisation, and nothing illustrates this more aptly than this series of photographs.

Ever since the news of the forthcoming expedition broke, and even-more so after the story appeared in the local paper the people in the village have been incredibly supportive, and we were just not prepared for the massive level of support and interest that we have received. Two of the local children, Ross Phillips (11) and his brother Greg (7) have become so excited by the expedition that not only are they following its progress each day on the website, but they have decided to get more personally involved.

"We have been telling our friends at school about it, and they think its pretty good" says Ross. "I think its quite fascinating, that they are looking for new monsters and new facts". The pair presented us with these wonderfulpictures. The picture of `Gambo` on Bungalow Beach (above), is particularly good. Indeed, I have seen illustrations in professionaly produced books and magazines which have illustrated the Gambia mystery less adeptly.

The pair are also regular visitors to the CFZ website. "Most of the monsters I've never heard of before", says Ross. "And most of them are quite big, which is very exciting, as you never know what size they are going to be"...

Methinks, that whern the current Permanent Directorate of thCFZ are in our dotage, we know who is going to succeed us!


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